Pandastudio started its AV business by e-learning shooting. It Inherited the well-known Japanese film/CM/TV shooting studio, Tokyo TV center, and merged into PANDASTUDIO.TV company on the 1st October 2016. Headquarters is located in Tokyo, but it has many other studios all over Japan. We have many staff who can speak foreign languages like English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Polish, German, French, etc. and we are committed to providing customers with trust, and expressing our best service enthusiasm.

Business Contents

  • Studio rental business
  • Rental and sales of LED 
  • LIVE collection business
  • TV Broadcasting business
  • Production of TV programs
  • Sound recording and other productions
  • Make video studio (Sound insulation, Lighting, etc.)
  • Equipment related (camera, converter, etc.) rental business

If you want to know more about PANDASTUDIO.TV
Also welcome to refer to our official website.
Official website:https://www.pandastudio.tv/
Equipment rental website:https://rental.pandastudio.tv/
LED rental website:https://led-center.jp/

About LED rental business
The LED currently used are indoor and outdoor dual-use, P5.5 (world-class football screen) P4.8 (very lightweight universal screen) P3.9 (HD, dual-use floor screen) P2.6 (outdoor most Fine ultra-high-definition screen of Japan), all products are directly imported from domestic Chinese manufacturers, and are returned to customers at the most favorable price, welcome to ask for price. LED peripheral related equipment (LCD screen, speaker, microphone, camera ….etc.) All possible in Japan, Chinese and English Japanese staff (Wechat, Skype, FB, WhatsApp, Line…etc.) instant contact and on-site Translation, so that you can be at ease at any time in Japan.
WeChat pay is possible can use .

PANDASTUDIO.TV Actual data:2016~2019 Check
For overseas customers (the lower half of 2018):
December 13,2018 
RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo, China (Sichuan) International Tourism held in Tokyo.  LED P3.9 230inch
November 30~December 02,2018 Tokyo Comic Con 2018 in Chiba Makuhari Messe LED P2.6 205inch
November 24~25,2018 
3×3.EXE PREMIER world cup in Miyazaki Japan LED P3.9 160inch
October 19,2018 
Canada International Tourism held in Omotesando church LED P2.6 135inch
September 30,2018 SEIKO European CM advertising shooting LED P3.9 350inch
September 08,2018 
A new product presentation held by Chinese cosmetics brand in Tokyo LED P2.6 205inch
July 27~29,2018 Ballet Holiday in Ueno no mori Tokyo LED P2.6 300inch

Correspond Staff

Name:Akihoro Endo
Job title:International Service, Engineer
Language:English, French, Japanese

Born in Japan, majored psychology in Kyoto University. After graduating, e studied mathematics in Geneva University, where he learned French.

Wiktoria Julia Frydrych
Job title:International Customers Service, Technical Support
Language:English, Polish, German, Japanese
Born in Poland, Graduated Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, in Media Art. Her major is video and audio editing, she has experience in film production, film festival organization as well as marketing managing. She works for a Rental Department, providing video and audio diagnostics and international customers support.


Name:YunHuan Chou
Job title:LED Engineer
Language:English, Chinese, Japanese
Born in Taiwan. One of Major is Sound recording and another is game design. After entering the company who started to contact LED and do a video engineer. Already have